May 282015

Why always conveyancers are hired for making the conveyancing process successful?

To deliver results of high quality and good value is one of the key Civil Service values. As a new civil service organisation we have progressively achieved significant improvements in delivery in 2000/01. We wish to consolidate and extend this success. To this end we shall continue with an extensive programme of initiatives, which will be carried forward alongside very challenging performance targets. In consultation with staff in 2000/01 we introduced a range of measures to streamline your housing benefit work processes.

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In addition, we established valuation teams (small groups of mixed administrative staff and rent officers) responsible for performance in a defined geographical area. The adoption of teamwork ensures collective responsibility (or real ownership) for performance targets, helps achieve better consistency in decision making and produces better results than individuals working in isolation. We will be ensuring that streamlining and teamwork are fully embedded across the service. Learn more: E Settlement Agents Perth

In addition we shall be streamlining processes in Fair Rent whilst complying with all statutory requirements. There have been dramatic improvements in all areas. Nevertheless during 2001/02 we plan to address weaker performance in London and elsewhere. This will include seeking to raise performance to levels found consistently in other parts of the country and the use of special task forces, where appropriate, in hard pressed or poorer performing areas. The implementation of new IT and the provision of reasons for decisions in individual housing benefit cases will substantially improve our service once fully and successfully introduced.

The new IT system will enable easier capture of information, better support for decision making and provide a foundation for further improvements such as electronic transfer of data from housing benefit departments. Reasons for decisions will provide a clearer basic understanding of why decisions have been reached. Both these initiatives will involve major implementation at local level, which will inevitably detract from our performance improvement effort. In particular, the new IT system which will be progressively piloted and implemented from May 2001 will involve major upheaval during the rollout, over a four month period to some 70 offices as well as the extensive training for over 700 staff. We will continue to exploit IT and examine new ways to make our service and information more accessible to our customers. A feature of the new Agency has been improved liaison with local authorities in many parts of the country.

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